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Luxury sloops in Haarlem

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We are very proud of our boats and are happy to share some more info about the boats here. The boats are located in the ‘Haven van Heemstede’. They are fully electric and are able to sail for a whole day.

Our boats

The boats have a maximum capacity of 10 people. Because they have a steering wheel and are driven by an electric Pod they are very easy to handle.

They are made locally in The Netherlands which makes them more friendly on the environment. Also the material, 4 mm thick Aluminium is made to last forever.

For the most comfort we have asked our partner to design and make a custom cushion set for the 8 boats.

The boats are very easy to rent, you can just book them on our website. You will receive an e-mail directly with all the information required.

Then on the day itself you can pick up your sloop in the harbour. This is easily accessible by bike and public transport. If you see no other option you can come by car and park for free in ‘’De Haven van Heemstede’’.

Once you hit the comfy pillows you will receive a quick information and explanation. Then you are ready to sail!

Put your drinks in the cupholders and enjoy!

Easy boat rental in Haarlem with Luxe Sloepen Haarlem

Renting a boat at Luxe sloepen Haarlem is rather easy. Within a few minutes you make your own reservation.

Book online

Book your own electric boat via our website.

 Start your boat

15 minutes before departure you will receive a sms with a link to start the boat.

Enjoy Sailing!

Sail yourself 100% electric!

Useful tips

These useful tips make sailing even easier. Read the tip below to become the best captain on the canals.


If you didnt get a text before the boat tour you can also do it by clicking the link in the confirmation email. Feel free to call us on +316 273 750 50 and we are happy to help you out.

Extend your boat tour

If you would like to extend your boat tour you can call or e-mail us. We will check if there is a boat available! You can mail us at or call +31627375050.

Life Jackets

If you or your kids are in need of a lifejacket you can add this to your booking free of charge!

The sailing rules and sailing signs

During sailing, the national sailing rules apply. Below you will find the sailing rules and the most important sailing orders. These can always be found on the sloop.

10 Rules for the captains

  1. No Music or loud noises
  2. Never drive to fast
  3. Don't drink and drive
  4. Sail on the right side of the water
  5. Only park were allowed
  6. Always take care
  7. Please keep a save distance
  8. Only swim where allowed
  9. Keep your trash in the boat
  10. Safety first!


No parking

Extra Attention, be careful.

No docking

Passing forbidden

No entry

Boek Nu
Luxury sloop with skipper