Plastic fishing Haarlem

Plastic fishing Haarlem

Plastic fishing in Haarlem, perfect if you are you looking for a special experience and a fun business event, where you can both enjoy and relax while contributing to a good cause at the same time! Or do you simply want to roll up your sleeves and contribute to keeping the world around you clean? Go plastic fishing!

Plastic soup: what is it?

In the Netherlands, approximately 50 million kilos of waste ends up on the streets, beaches or in nature every year. Due to the forces of the wind or the rivers, the dirt ends up in the sea. The plastics and also the invisible pieces of plastic (microplastics) that end up in the sea in this way are collectively referred to as ‘plastic soup’. Plastic does not belong in our seas and waters. Animals mistake the plastic for food and eat it and/or get entangled in it. And do you like fish or duck? Then you end up consuming the plastic too. That has to change!

What is plastic fishing?

Plastic fishing is fishing for plastic from canals and/or waters. You do this with handy scoop nets and garbage bags. In this way you contribute to society and the nature around you. And because you are outside on the water, plastic fishing can also be very relaxing!

Business event fishing in Haarlem

If you are looking for a fun and sustainable outing in Haarlem, plastic fishing is definitely something for you! It is a real win-win: you are outside and enjoy the city from the water, while you contribute to keeping Haarlem clean. And, when you go plastic fishing as a company outing, you work on team spirit. Working together with your colleagues towards a clear and common goal certainly benefits them. But plastic fishing is also a fun activity for children. Children learn that the natural environment around them is important and that they should take good care of it. Safety is of course our number 1 priority: that is why the children are all wearing a life jacket. What are you waiting for? Book your plastic fishing outing now at Luxe Sloepen Haarlem!

Plastic fishing outing: how does it work?

Our advice is to allow +/- 2 hours for plastic fishing. Of course it is possible to extend this time. Within 2 hours you can sail beautiful routes through the Haarlem canals. You rent a sloop from us, with or without a captain where we also give you a route map, shovel nets, garbage bags and life jackets for the kids. When you have fished up waste, it is advisable to separate the waste immediately on board. Of course we explain all sailing rules to you in advance.

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