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Rent a boat at Luxe Sloepen Haarlem and sail yourself. You can decide where you would like to go and what you would like to see! Go for a route trough the city centre or sail with your boat to the lakes of Haarlem. To help you out we have made 3 of our favorite routes which you can sail with your boat. When you rent our boats there is a map on every boat so you can find your way on Haarlem’s waterways easily!

The most beautiful sailing routes trough Haarlem


Duration: 2,5 hours

Boat tour Haarlem Centre

Sail on this boat tour trough the City Centre of Medieval Haarlem. Explore the Canals, historical houses and lively hotspots of Haarlem.


Duration: 4,5 hours

Boat tour Ringvaart - Mooie Nel XL

The real local tour past very low bridges and beautiful lakes. With also passing the city centre this is the most versatile boat tour of them all.


Duration: 3 hours

Boat tour Haarlem -Mooie Nel

Over the Spaarne and all the way to the gorgeous lake the Mooie Nel. A very nice route with many nice views from your boat.

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