Canal tour Haarlem

The best way to discover all of Haarlem’s historical gems is by joining a canal cruise. Since the beginning of history, Haarlem has had a lot of activity on the water. Mainly on the river Spaarne where goods and raw materials went in and out. Nowadays the Haarlem waters are mainly sailed by friends, families and colleagues. Lots of pleasure boating and in addition people who rent a sloop in Haarlem. There is nothing more fun than having a drink on the water during a canal cruise through Haarlem and its surroundings.


Boat trip Haarlem: something for everyone

We offer several ways to explore the city by boat. All cruises pass a huge range of spectacular sights. If you like, our skippers can tell you all about them.

Looking for a fun day out with your family or friends? Or are you organizing after work drinks in Haarlem, for example? A canal tour through the city is the answer! Besides the beautiful sights, our skippers can provide music of your choice, snacks, drinks and conviviality.


A canal cruise through Haarlem with skipper

The captain of this canal cruise adds a personal touch to your experience. While you sail on a beautiful sloop through both the hidden and well-known canals, the skipper will tell fun anecdotes about the city and ensure an unforgettable day. All this in a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Tailor-made canal cruise in Haarlem

As locals we are happy to discuss a customized canal cruise for you and your group.

Costs for a cruise depend on the number of people and catering needs. Because we have several boats we can also help larger groups, please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

We have all kinds of catering options to make your cruise as comfortable and complete as possible.

Book your cruise directly?

You can contact us daily to make an appointment.

Rent a boot without skipper