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What happens when it rains?

Our sloops don't have a canopy because of the low bridges in Haarlem, but fortunately there are plenty of bridges on our route where we can take shelter under with a shower! After years of experience we now know that it will be fine and we usually just keep it dry.

If the forecasts look very bad, we will have contact with you the day before your trip and you can cancel or reschedule for free.

How are you paying?

You can pay cash on board with us or you will receive an invoice after the cruise. This can easily be paid with a payment link with iDeal. A deposit is not required.

Where do we get on and off?

Our regular embarkation and disembarkation point is at Nieuwe Gracht 80 in the center of Haarlem. On Saturdays we always depart from here. If you have another location in mind, we can often get there as well, we are happy to think along!

May we also bring our own snacks and drinks on board?

You certainly may! We have delicious catering but you can always bring your own.

Do you have a toilet on board?

Yes, all our sloops have a toilet on board. This is located in the front of the tip of the sloop.

Are life jackets for children available?

There are. Just let us know when you make your reservation how many are needed, and the skipper will make sure there are enough on board.

Is the dog allowed on board?

We always find dogs on board cozy, so they can definitely come along.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of (paid) parking in the center of Haarlem. About an 8-minute walk from the Nieuwe Gracht you will find parking garage de Appelaar. Here you can easily park. Our pick-up place is also easy to reach by bike or public transport. The Haarlem train station is a 4-minute walk from Nieuwe Gracht.

What is the maximum capacity aboard the sloops?

Our largest sloops, the Limoncello and Perfecto, are rated for 70 people. On the Bellissimo and Principessa, we have room for up to 35 people.

Can there be swimming?

You can do so at designated spots. Our skipper knows how to find them, of course!

Can dietary requirements be taken into account in catering?

We can accommodate most dietary requirements (vegetarian, halal, etc.). Please be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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