What to do during Corona in Haarlem?

What to do during Corona in Haarlem?

In times of corona there is still plenty to do in Haarlem during the spring of this special time!

So we at Luxe Sloepen Haarlem will sit down and help you with this list of options about what to do in Haarlem in times of Corona.

#1. Read a good book in a quiet place (by the water of course 😉 There are always plenty of excuses not to buy a new good book and enjoy a deep story. However, there is a good chance that you, like us, have more time on your hands, so read less excuses more! We recommend that you find your favorite place yourself. Nevertheless, we do have our favourite. Opposite Zuidam on the water is a really lovely spot, also along the Jaagpad on the east bank of the Spaarne are a number of perfectly positioned benches that lend themselves perfectly to an in-depth relationship with the paper.

#2. Enjoying a walk, with or without a loved one, a wonderful activity that is good for body and mind. Perhaps superfluous to mention that this has been scientifically substantiated by many studies, you will certainly experience this yourself. The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen are wonderful to enjoy on foot and the Elswout estate is also of enormous beauty. If you prefer to walk through an urban environment, a courtyard tour through Haarlem is ideal.

#3. Get fit! At Luxe Sloepen Haarlem, we firmly believe that sports are the basis of energy and happiness. Getting fit can of course be done in many different ways.

Now that the gyms are closed, it’s time to get creative. How about a swim through the Spaarne? Or swim on the Mooi Nel? You can achieve this if you rent a boat through us, but of course you can also go there yourself by bike. The water around Haarlem is of excellent quality, so there is no reason not to jump in! Refreshing and also a great workout! One of the great things about our beautiful city of Haarlem is that, in addition to the aforementioned fresh water, we also have the mighty North Sea just around the corner. Getting or staying fit is of course fantastic to combine with learning a new sport. How about learning to kitesurf in Zandvoort?

#4 Private boat tour in Haarlem! We can sail up to 10 people from June 1th. Whether you want to get a breath of fresh air with your group of friends or want to leave the house with the family, you can enjoy the water!

And that is possible and allowed again! Our maximum is 10 because we have to be able to guarantee another 1.5 meters between our guests.

Of course we hope that this maximum will soon go back to our 40 people per boat and that all other possibilities and events will soon be part of the reality of our existence again.





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